Install The iPad 2 In Your Car’s Dashboard

Install The iPad 2 In Your Car’s Dashboard

The iPad 2 has only just been released in the US but intrepid individuals are already at work integrating it into their cars. “I got Facetime in my dash!” Dude.This video from Soundman Car Audio goes through the process of installing the iPad 2 into a Ford F150 dashboard.

Besides having the know-how to work with fibreglass to develop the enclosure, they use an adaptor from Scosche to plug the iPad into your system and get it charging.

Ideally you can connect the audio via Bluetooth, but you should also be able to get it into your speaker system using the line out from the cable.

Facetime from your car is awesome — though not something you should do while actually driving — and if you are driving around without Wi-Fi access you will either need to jailbreak to get Facetime working over 3G or use a wireless hotspot.

There are a ton of useful applications for this integration, including music and turn by turn directions.

Soundman [via 9to5mac]


    • You would probably have to go to alberts car stereo or anyone who really does custom fibreglass mounts. Seeing as it’s fairly new, they’d probably take a while, and it’d cost a fair bit.

      Although, i’d imagine it would be the same as the original ipad, so you might have some luck.

      Just go around your local audio stores and ask if they do custom fibreglassing and price it. They are usually able to improvise.

      ALTERNATIVELY. You can research online into fibreglassing, although it’s fairly messy unless you’re experienced. I don’t usually mess around with fibreglass, so i’d be pretty dodgy at this haha

      • I guess I was just trying to get a feel for what the real cost of this would be after the toolup.. not as a one off. This has potential for all sorts of mobile/portable data needs. Of course you would have to take the device out of the vehicle not just due to heat but it’s pretty stealable as well.

        • Yeah look it’s really not that hard to fibreglass yourself. I went to Bunnings, bought a DIY fibreglass kit for 40 bucks, some plastic putty (Bondo) and went ahead and built mine within 2 weeks with no previous fibreglassing experience. Just be patient and methodological in your approach and use a bit of common sense with your design, and you’re set..

  • I don’t fancy the sunlight readability of this configuration, or how well it’s going to survive in the heat of an Australian summer. The spec says operating temperature OK up to 35 degrees C, and non-operating to 45. What a joke! It takes about 2 minutes for a closed car to get to 45 degrees, and keeps going beyond 80 degrees in sunlight.

    You’re going to come back to find a white melted glob of electronics if you try this….

    There are companies providing rugged solutions for in-car sunlight readable monitors for a reason. Try those instead….

  • I was under the impression that this type of thing was illegal as it is too much of a distraction when driving, if not it should be in my opinion. Same as using a mobile phone,.. :[

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