Inside Internode's Orange-Hued Adelaide Offices

There's no mistaking where you are when you visit Internode's headquarters in the Adelaide CBD — the company's trademark shade of orange is everywhere. Step inside for a photo tour through the offices of Lifehacker readers' favourite Internet service provider.

As you'd expect in an ISP building, there's plenty of server and comms rooms to keep everything ticking over. And as you'd expect in a building populated by geeks, there's also some high-tech entertainment available in the form of a Sega Rally machine, as well as an industrial-strength coffee machine. We're also big fans of the cupboard labelling: sure, you might know where everything's kept, but in a rapdily-expanding organisation, making that clear for newcomers is often helpful.


    It's always good to know where one's small empty boxes are.

    They have a Time Flux Capacitor.

    I'm never changing ISP's.

    Looks like they run on 1.21 Giggawatts. The flux capacitor must be after the easy left and easy right from the Sega Rally machine!

    A) Is the shade of orange actually trademarked? Just wondering.

    B) Is that Hindmarsh Square $200 supposed to be a Monopoly title deed? Where's the rest of the deed cards?

    C) Flux capacitor, instant win.

    D) No NodePonies around the office?

      There are a few ponies in the picture of the staff at their desks.

      yes there is a node pony on the 4th pic, the one with all the people

    Makes me wanna give up my own company and go work there. :)

    that is so cool!

    could be nicer.

    And the company puts on functions for the staff almost weekly with some free food and drinks at the pub right next door. Which I work at....

    I walk past that building all the time (i work around the corner) I would never have guessed it was powered by a flux capacitor, kudos.

    Happy to call Internode my ISP!

    Oh and a Flux capacitor puts the human touch!

    Hopefully they fixed the power issues with the Kitchen on Level 1

    Basically you can't have the Sega rally running and every else running in the kitchen the same time or atleast on the same circult

    They didn't take you to Pire Street Angus thou!

    can I get a job there :)

    The possibilities of having a flux capacitor in the data center.....

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