Beta Brings New, Simpler Interface To Android IM Client

Android: We're pretty big fans of mobile IM client, but Android users should definitely check out their most recent beta, in which they've completely revamped their interface into something much easier to use — without sacrificing any features.

Fans of the iOS or web versions of will love the new Android beta, as it now looks a lot more similar. You have the standard tabbed interface across the top, letting you easily switch between the sign-in screen, your buddy list and open chats. It's way easier to use than it was before, and it still has all the great features we've come to expect from it, like voice IMs, a great notification system, and, best of all, no need to create an account. In fact, because I'd used on my iPad before, it knew my accounts, and after signing in with AIM it automatically signed me into GTalk and Facebook too (even though I'd never installed Imo on this particular device before). Honestly, this has become my favourite IM client across all mobile platforms — and it's free, which is more than a lot of the other contenders can say.

If you want to keep up with Imo's newest features before other users get them, definitely check out the beta for Android. It's a free download, works on all Android devices. Beta [Android Market via Gizmodo]


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