IKEA Offering $50 Off If You Spend $500 Or More

Through this week, east coast IKEA stores are offering $50 off your total if you spend $500 or more — a good opportunity if you've been eyeing off a bigger piece of furniture for a while. The caveat is you need a coupon from the catalogue, but I suspect that you could print one from the site and get away with it. (Sorry SA and WA, you miss out on this one.) [IKEA]


    Doesn't seem to be any restriction on getting $500 worth of gift cards for $450, for those who want to wait for a sale. And ikea gift cards have no expiry date either.

      Not sure about the fine print on the deal, but the last IKEA gift card I had absolutely came with an expiry date.

        Might be a new policy. It doesn't state it in the terms and conditions for gift cards that I could see, but it does say it in their gift cards section.


          FYI - Just spoke to ikea (on the phone) and was told that gift card purchases are excluded.

    Sorry SA and WA, you miss out on this one.

    I will just have to eat $50 worth of meatballs then!

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