Ibis Hotels Offering $1 Wi-Fi (And $1 Breakfasts)

Ibis Hotels Offering $1 Wi-Fi (And $1 Breakfasts)

Not getting free Wi-Fi at hotels is a perennial complaint around here — who wants to pay $20 or more for a single night’s access? The Ibis chain hasn’t quite embraced the notion of free Wi-Fi, but for stays in Australia during April, May and June this year it is offering access to its hotel Wi-Fi for just $1 a day.

That’s not a bad price at all if you’re travelling without a 3G dongle. Arguably, the parallel offer of breakfast for $1 is an even better deal, since hotel breakfasts are often a major cash drain.



  • My problem with Ibis (and Accor hotels in general) is that they are solo traveller unfriendly. If you book as a solo traveller, you usually get a double bed room, and pay a tariff that’s higher than half the price of two people booking the room.

    Having said that Ibis hotels are OK, but internet speeds are still just 54kays (in my experience.) (Stayed in Brisbane, Melbourne and Amsterdam.)

  • Ibis is the ‘Ikea’ of hotels. Come to think of it
    it looks like every room has been fitted by Ikea.
    That’s why all rooms at an Ibis always end up looking exactly the same

  • Ibis’ internet experience varies from hotel to hotel. Its listed availability in practice means anything from “free” to “there’s a wireless cell in range of the building and you can pay 20€/hour for access”.

    Their breakfast options are even less appetising, not to mention the attitude blown back at you if you dare complain about anything. If you book ahead and pay in advance you get a receipt saying all-charges included. Then you check-out and a bunch of mysterious overheads appear. Ah yes, they say, those are advertised in our foyer. But not on the website you book from before even arriving in that city…

    After one room-service meal at an Ibis, I was throwing up within twenty minutes and spent 2 days glued to the loo. So sick that a doctor had to be sent for. Ibis’ reaction to this? “You can’t get food poisoning from food.”

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