How To Turn All Your Facebook Notifications Into A Daily Digest

Is Facebook emailing you all the time? Do you want it to stop but don’t want to miss out on your daily activity? Here’s a quick and dirty process to get your Facebook activity summarised in a simple little email once every day.

I don’t enjoy checking Facebook regularly but I do like knowing what’s happening. I don’t mind email but I do mind a ton of it. All of this lead to the inevitable conclusion: I need to turn off my Facebook notifications and get them sent to me in a single daily digest email. The problem is, Facebook doesn’t provide this. I figured there must be a work-around, so I did a quick search and came across a pretty decent solution courtesy of Amit Agarwal, writing for the tech blog Digital Inspiration. What I learned was that while Facebook does not provide a daily digest as a feature, it does provide an RSS feed of all your notifications (if you want) and you can have a webapp called FeedBlitz send anything posted to that feed once per day. So how does this work?

  • First, go to your Facebook notifications settings page and uncheck every email notification except “Sends me a message”.
  • Now visit your Facebook notifications page and find the “Via RSS” link. Copy the link and keep it handy.
  • If you’d prefer to just get your notifications in your RSS reader, you can just add that link to an RSS reader of your choice and you’re done. If you’d prefer to get the daily digest, go to FeedBlitz and set up a daily email with FeedBlitz. You basically just enter your email, paste the URL in, and choose the settings you want. It’s really, really simple.

The downside to this is twofold: your notifications are now semi-public (e.g. your private messages aren’t, but the notification of someone sending it to you is) because Facebook doesn’t password-protect the notification RSS feed. The other downside is that FeedBlitz places a ton of ads in the daily digest email so it’s not exactly the easiest thing to read. For me, both of these things are acceptable. If you feel the same way, now you have a simple method of getting your Facebook notifications in a manner you find less annoying. Enjoy!

Getting Too Many Emails from Facebook? Turn Them into a Daily Digest [Digital Inspiration]

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