How To Prevent Yourself From Overspending On Your Credit Cards

How To Prevent Yourself From Overspending On Your Credit Cards

Stores and credit card companies want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy things with your credit card. They invest billions to get you to use your cards, including major advertising and rewards programs. If your credit card bills at the end of every month make you want to flee the country, the first step to getting through it is to stop spending on them. These tricks will help you fight back against the psychology and stick to cash purchases only.

Freeze Them

Demagnetise Them

Cover Them

Delete Card Info From Online Sites

Lock Them Up

Give Them To A Trusted Friend Or Loved One

Cut Them Up

Close Them

Keep A Low-Limit Card For Emergencies

Fighting back against the credit card psychology of “spend spend spend” is all about barriers. Whenever cards are the grease that makes your day run smoothly, you will always be hooked. These techniques, from making your cards less accessible to destroying them altogether, force you to jump through hoops before spending on them.

What techniques have you found to help yourself get out of debt? Share your ideas in the comments.

Loren Baxter is a Lifehacker reader and Director of User Experience at He graduated college with credit card debt but now enjoys the freedom of zero debt. Follow him at @lorenbaxter.


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