How To Make A Candle Out Of A Clementine And Olive Oil

We've all been there: You're alone in the woods at night, it's dark, and all you've got is a clementine, some olive oil, and a matchbook you picked up at a service station. If you're hungry, you've got a nice snack. If you want to find your way back to civilisation, you can use those three things to make a candle.

So how does this actually work? Apartment Therapy has discovered its pretty easy to make but hard to get your makeshift "wick" to light. Basically, you cut a ninja star out of the top of the clementine, pinch some clementine flesh together to make a wick (imagine that you're doing Alfalfa's hair), add some olive oil, and then light it on fire. It's not going to be the brightest light you've ever seen, but it's a decent tea light alternative and probably smells pretty good, too.

How To: Make a Clementine Candle [Apartment Therapy]


    I just made one out of a mandarine, we use used cooking oil to test it and it works great. The top of the mandarine make a better 'wick' than the bottom too. It does smell great too! Easier than it looks.

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