How To Back Up Your Jailbroken iOS Apps With PkgBackup

How To Back Up Your Jailbroken iOS Apps With PkgBackup

We’ve looked at backing up and restoring your jailbroken iOS device with AptBackup, but it’s not a perfect solution. If you’re willing to spend a little money, PkgBackup is a fully automated backup and restore option to bring back all your jailbreak apps, hacks and extensions with just a few taps.

How does it work? Be sure to watch the video above for a full demonstration of how to use PkgBackup, but the process is pretty simple. Just download and install PkgBackup through Cydia (it’ll cost you $US8, but if you update iOS and jailbreak a lot it’s probably worth it) and launch it. Once you do, tap the gear in the upper left corner to choose whether you want to sync with your Address Book or with Dropbox, plus set a bunch of other options as well. Once you’re all done, tap “OK” and PkgBackup will scan your iDevice for packages installed through Cydia. When it’s done, choose the packages you want (everything is selected by default) and tap the “Backup” button. Sync your device with iTunes (if you selected the AddressBook option) and your backup is complete. When you want to restore after an iOS update, sync your device with iTunes again to get your AddressBook contact back (if necessary), re-jailbreak, re-download PkgBackup from Cydia, and tap the Restore button. While this method is still a little bit of work, it’s a lot easier than re-installing everything manually.

PkgBackup is available on the Cydia Store for $US8.

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  • Great cydia app. Well worth the $8. Very useful, and easy to use (if it isn’t, then you probably shouldn’t even be jailbreaking in the 1st place).

  • I am a heavy iphone user and can not recommend this app enough. Go ahead and do it with DropBox, you wont touch the need to pay for dropbox by using this service.

  • Pkgbackup didn’t save me for my last crash. I lost all my cydia Apps because Pkgbackup gave me a corrupt error message . I don’t recommend it at all. I Prefer a app that create a physical backup of the actual cydia apps plus their data,not the $ucken links to download again . What if the repo is gone,how will I download my App. Why can’t we backup apps just like iTunes does?

  • Good app, I used it when I upgraded my jailbroken 4S to iOS 5.1.1. It restored all my Cydia apps including settings. In combination with the normal backup that iTunes makes my phone was 100% restored. One thing that was kinda annoying -the price for PCGbackup went up to $10. I thought $8 was already pretty high but maybe justifiable for the convenience. However, $10 is getting pretty ridiculous as there are similar apps that are much cheaper. You’ll have to decide if Dropbox connectivity is worth the extra cash.

  • This app is now $10 and worth every penny. It has saved me hours of re-tweaking my phone after the 5.1.1 jailbreak. It seems to be very robust. The simplicity of backing up multiple copies to Dropbox is awesome. It has also been handy to back up my text message history.

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