Heat A Bowl Of Water To Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves are a great way to reheat food, but the spatter can build up into nasty stains over time. Reader The Saint shares a simple tactic for making the task of cleaning easier.

Here's his approach:

If like me your microwave insides are covered in exploded baked beans and various other stuff because you're too lazy or hungry to cover it before heating, this works great. Place a bowl(wider is better) of water in the microwave, bring it to the boil then let it sit in the microwave for 10 minutes. All that rock-solid shrapnel on the internal walls is nice and moist and wipes of with little effort, no scrubbing or scouring needed.

The waiting period is important here — not only will it let the steam kick in, it makes sure you don't burn your hands when you remove that hot water.

What are your other microwave cleaning tricks? We're all ears in the comments. Thanks Saint!


    uhh... watch out for superheated water: http://www.animations.physics.unsw.edu.au/jw/superheating.htm

    I'm with Dan. Disturbing while it's still hot can be extremely dangerous.

    Perhaps after watining 10 minutes, you could put it on for another few seconds to "shake" the bowl when it starts and stops (assuming your rotating platter still rotates). Should remove any hot-spots...
    Having said that, if you've brought it to the boil, the water should be pretty evenly heated thanks to the boiling action agitating the water.

    If you add a couple of drops of vanilla essence or lemon juice to the water it will get rid of any funky smells too

      LifeHacker itself recommends vinegar as well


    Why couldn't you simply spray hot tap water on the insides and wait 10 minutes?

      If you are going to do that, fine, but unplug the microwave first, and never plug it back in afterward because it'll be stuffed.

        Seriously, never...?

        So I should just buy a new microwave then.

    I've done this with bicarb soda, to help the cleaning.

    Get a cover for your food to reduce the amount of gunk getting sprayed all inside your microwave. Prevention is better than cure...

    make sure the side vents of the microwave are clear (away from side walls) for excess moisture to get out, otherwise you may fry the circuit boards with all that water vapor.

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