Google Yourself For A Motivation Boost

Google Yourself For A Motivation Boost

Google Yourself For A Motivation BoostWe’ve all looked ourselves up on Google out of vanity or curiosity. But Lifehacker reader Aidan Galea suggests that doing a search for your own name can also be a useful way to motivate yourself to get more done.

Aidan writes:

Some may say that Googling yourself can be a tad on the narcissistic side, and usually I would be one to agree. However, after doing some research on myself tonight, I found it somewhat sad to see what results were returned. While I don’t base self-worth on my Google results, seeing very little of my name on the web made me place my minor accomplishments in context. As a freelance journalist, the web is a springboard for my name, and after being so disappointed in not seeing my glorious name in enough places, I was instantly inspired to write some articles.

For journalists, self-Googling can be obviously rewarding (or disappointing), but it’s also a good way to track your participation in online communities and open source projects, something we’ve suggested in the past is a good way to improve your employment prospects. Thanks Aidan — see his blog post below for more on the topic.

Aidan Galea


  • I feel this is quite correct. Vain, perhaps – but correct 😉 I recently hit a motivation crisis myself and researched the topic a bit. Close to taking baby steps and rewarding myself for every milestone (ideas found here) googling my name helped a lot ( I’m a freelancer and get mentioned online a bit 😉

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