Google M-Lab Shows Broadband Speeds Across The World

Nearly 2000 people have taken part in the Lifehacker Speed Wave, which currently claims an average download speed for our readers of 29.6Mb/s. The median speed of around 9Mb/s is probably closer to the mark but still high, based on newly-updated visualisation tools from Google which let you examine broadband performance across the world.

Google's M-Lab data suggests that the average download speed in Australia is 3.83Mb/s. Diving into the data shows just how much performance varies across the globe; it's an interesting way to kill some time/procrastinate/curse your broadband provider.

M-Lab [via Official Google Australia Blog]


    So I should relax, comfortable that my connection is at least average... 3.83Mb/s is VERY close to my actual connection speed!

    try being on Vodafone wireless broadband. 1.5 on a good day

    So most readers of LifeHacker live in cities and have cable connections?

    World Population: 6,775,235,741
    This test: 2000
    You gotta be kidding, google, or wtf?

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