From The Tips Box: Gmail Labels, Pinned Tabs

Readers offer their best tips for using Gmail labels, using pinned tabs as bookmarks, and getting Firefox 4 on your PowerPC Mac.

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Drag-and-Drop to Label Messages in Gmail

Mikeparkie shares a handy Gmail tip for heavy label users:

Gmail Tip: I personally didn’t know this so thought I would share. If you need to quickly label an email in gmail you, can simply drag the label from the left hand column onto the open email. Quick and simple.

Use Pinned Tabs as Bookmarks, Get Rid of the Bookmark Bar

Zig lets us know another way to save space in your browser:

After playing a bit with Firefox 4, I’ve noticed something useful about the app tabs feature; when you remove the bookmarks bar the app tabs are usable as bookmarks. This basically lets you put the bookmarks bar in line with the tabs bar and saves a good deal of space. Unfortunately you lose the ability to display RSS feeds there, but you win some you lose some.

This isn’t unlike our tip about moving bookmarks to the navigation bar—it’s all about where you have the space to spare. And with Firefox’s new way of rendering pages, having a few pinned tabs at the top isn’t going to crash your browser (though it might take up some extra memory). Obviously, Chrome users can use this tip as well.

TenFourFox Makes Firefox 4 Compatible with PowerPC Macs

Sam lets us know that PowerPC users can still grab a special build of Firefox 4:

I wasn’t paying too much attention to the Firefox 4 betas, but I got curious after the release only to find that it isn’t available on PowerPC Macs! I was really mad, but I just found TenFourFox, which works great on my G5. It isn’t a perfect clone, but it’s way better than sticking with Firefox 3.

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