Force Google Chrome To Always Launch In A Maximised Window

One of Google Chrome's minor annoyances on Windows is that it doesn't restore on launch to the window size you last used — a nuisance if (like me) you prefer to run a maximised app window. Fortunately, you can fix it with a little shortcut tweaking.

Searching online suggests that you may be able to avoid this problem by closing Chrome using the Task Manager or by right-clicking on the title bar to close it, but both require extra effort. The solution that worked for me was altering the shortcut which I use to launch Chrome to run maximised. To do that:

  • Right-click on the shortcut you use for Chrome (whether that's in the taskbar, on the desktop or on your Start menu) and select Properties.
  • Go to the Shortcut tab.
  • Make sure that the Run option is set as 'Maximized'.
  • Click OK.

One point: this didn't actually take effect until after I rebooted my machine, but since then it's worked like a charm. It would be good if Google actually respected Windows design principles, but this is a pretty solid workaround.


    Uh, windows design principles say that a window should respect its non-maximized (restored) size when closed, but NOT the maximized size.

    If you want it to open full screen, drag the window size manually to 99% of the full screen without actually maximizing it (this is a lot harder than it sounds on Win7). Otherwise, join the 21st century and use a windowed browser and stop tormenting poor web designers.

    Oh god this was driving me insane. Is this new to Windows Vista or 7? Very useful.

    This fix does NOT work on W7 with Chrome as of version 46.0.2490.80 m. Window still opens less than full screen and usually mostly off-screen. I've seen this problem reported as long as 5 years ago. Another example of just how completely clueless about ease-of-use the Google developers are. They're almost as bad as Oracle...

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