Five Reasons To Buy The iPad 2

Five Reasons To Buy The iPad 2

It’s coming at the end of March, and I for one will be buying an iPad 2 when it hits the shelves. Whether a first time buyer or an upgrader, here’s five reasons you should be buying the new iPad.

5. The Camera

It’s obvious, but it’s the essential missing feature from the current model. FaceTime from an iPhone to an iPad back home makes goodnight video calls to little kids very casual compared with getting everyone to gather around a laptop webcam.

4. The A5 Processor

If you use your current iPad a lot, you’ll appreciate the speed boost from the new dual-core processing. Now that the iPad lets you multitask (kind of) the processing upgrade makes a difference.

3. Upgraded video

Hand-in-hand with the A5, superior graphics and video processing will deliver a visible difference to multimedia. Particularly as more games and apps take advantage of the boost. Like the way the iPhone 3G and 3GS have started to frustrate users as the latest games and apps have taken advantage of the A4.

2. iPad as a global hotspot device

iPad is easier than most phones or laptops to get hooked up with a pre-paid data package wherever you may be travelling in the world. Now the Personal Hotspot feature can give you non-Jailbreak access to good value data while you’re on the road, delivering Wi-Fi to your phone or laptop.

1. … Or downgrade to Wi-Fi only

If it’s your phone that has the hotspot power you’re happy with, or your iPhone is about to score Personal Hotspot status, it’s a chance to drop the 3G and get more power for less money.

I’m definitely keen; Angus has a more cynical view. What’s your take on the iPad 2’s appeal?

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  • The #1 reason: Soon your device will be pushed off the edge by lack of support.

    The original iPhone? Not even 4 years old and no longer supported. Compare this to Windows XP, which was released in 2001 and mainstream support stopped in 2009. Hotfixes and such will stop in 2014, 13 years after the issue.

    Yes, I understand that advances in mobile processing power and such have caused such a leap that makes product life cycles shorter, but frankly, the lack of a retina display in the iPad 2 (which is rumoured to be in the iPad 3, probably due for release in a month’s time) makes me think that you don’t get as much bang for your buck as you should.

  • are u sure mobile hotspot is coming to iPad 2 3G?
    think it only said iPhone in the slide

    hopefully when it comes out it won’t be locked to a carrier, as that’s what it sounds like on the page

    can anyone confirm this? Is it going to be locked?
    there’s a rumour going around :\

    • quote
      “If you decide on an iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G, be sure to select the model that corresponds with the carrier you’d like to use for 3G service. The iPad model you purchase is specially configured to work with a single specific carrier. So while you don’t have to activate 3G service right away, you should choose your iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G according to the carrier you prefer.”

      locked or not?

      • Bear in mind that the approach to locking in the US has always differed from Australia. We didn’t have carrier-specific iPad models with the original iPad, I see no reason to assume we will this time around.

      • In the US, some carriers (most notably Verizon) use CDMA instead of GSM. So I’d guess this might have more to do with the fact that you’d need a CDMA iPad to work with Verizon, or a GSM iPad for AT&T, than any deliberate locking. All Aussie carriers use GSM, so if that is the reason for that paragraph it won’t be a problem here.

  • Oh please please Steve get rid of the screen, the case, the battery the OS and it will be perfect! Why oh why did you stop short with just leaving out the USB slot, flash, and 21st century freedom for the users. What a missed opportunity!

    • Well aren’t you a know-it-all arrogant fuck wit. The iPad is really that bad,huh? A serial whinger. This comment worth getting the chop for.

  • I for one would prefer to have a tablet without a camera, I never use it on my iPhone and it means that all cases have this stupid hole in the back of them, breaking the aesthetic look of it.

    Plus I never understood how it could be practical to take photos with a 10″ tablet.

  • We use the ‘old’ iPad 16G for work related demos on the road. It’s a great little machine and a handy tool when you work for an interactive marketing company. Only thing I am getting really frustrated with is that it won’t do flash and neither is the iPad 2 capable of it. I know, I know, ‘trash the flash’ but when it’s on so many bloody sites that you are trying to sell with what are you to do?

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