Firefox 4 Release Candidate Now Available To Everyone

Firefox 4 Release Candidate Now Available To Everyone

Windows/Mac/Linux: Mozilla dropped the Firefox 4 release candidate for developers yesterday, but as of this afternoon the release candidate is available for everyone to download and test out.

If you’ve been waiting for something a bit more stable, this is probably a good release to try out (after all, you’ve been pretty patient waiting this long!). Check out Mozilla’s full feature list for the RC or just head over to the main download page to check it out now.


    • I have a MacBook Pro and use Leopard and Windows 7. I would like to tell you Safari is great, but I cannot. The umbrellas are coming up more and more, the browser is not secure and simple to hack and it’s slow with what I would say are miminalist features that also have serious memory leaks. Granted it has some nice eye candy, but in terms of developement, I’m not sure Apple cares about making it a top browser.

  • yea i agree with the above, im looking at twice the memory consumption with the same amount of add ons & plugins.

    Is anyone else running the portable version of ff4 beta12?

  • The real question is what on earth is holding up the Firefox release as they continue to lose more market share? You have a situation where MS announced long ago it would release IE9 tomorrow and Chrome 10 has come out with an update that improves its browser than pushes it browser further ahead than all currenly released versions. FF simply cannot expect users to stand waiting, as a loyal customer base, without actually physically releasing a product. Nobody knows what is going on as the company contines to shift its release date to the right and competitors issue their formal releases then catch up and pass it up.

    Right now the public only knows FF 3.6. Unless FF4 is expecting to release some “surprised” functionality, you have to wonder what Mozilla is thinking by allowing IE9 to be release B4 FF4 and allow MS to taken away all the oxygen with it finally does release FF4 two weeks later.

    With IE9 coming out on 3/14/2011, FF4 needed to come out on 3/11/2011 at the latest to get the advantage on gaining market share.

    I have never seen such poor marketing choices made a company giving the competitive environment. Mozilla has given MS a two week jump on taking back its market share and,for that time fall, to the 3rd best. There is something more seriously wrong going on with Mozilla. I don’t know if it’s internal politics or turf wars, but they need to seriously understand, you can test and issue as many press releases you want, but consumers do not care about any of that until you actually provide a product.

    You know have a situation with IE9 is going to get publicity for 2 weeks in how amazing their browser is now that best in a time when FF is expected to release a product they already could have released earlier. At the end of the day, the only thing the public will know is a version of IE9 was released well before the FF4. And they both appear to do the same thing. And because IE9 was release before, it took all the press and oxygen away from Firefox. And very little of the hard work FF did was never recognized my the public. When FF4 missed a friday formal release of their product, I knew something was wrong. This delay in releasing their product and then maybe follwing up with a any updates as they are found is going to affect their ability to take more market share. Users tend to go with the best product they can get and do not tend to switch to what they thing are equal products. When you have been losing market share, you need to work harder to show you are ahead of the curve. Very poor management decisions at the top and it’s a game MS knows well and will use to its full advantage.

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