Firefox 4 Beta 12 Returns Mouse-Over URLs To Status Bar

Windows/Max/Linux: Firefox 4 is out with its 12th and potentially final beta. What's new? Better Flash performance, 650 bug fixes, a memory leak repair and better plug-in compatibility to start. But the mouse-over action of links is what people really seem to dig.

For a few betas now, Firefox 4 was showing the full URL of the link you were hovering over in a segmented bit of the address bar. That, it seems, was not a popular choice. In Firefox 4 Beta 12, the full URLs return to the bottom status bar, and the general web reaction seems to be a collective sigh of relief.

Firefox 4 Beta 12 is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems. You can read up on what's specifically new at the release notes.

Get the Latest Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta, Test Your favourite Websites and Add-ons [The Mozilla Blog]


    So much better... you can actually see the entire address as opposed to half of it!

    Didn't even realised the mouseover URLS had moved til now, I was so used to seeing it that way in Chrome that I didn't notice a "change" haha!

    I preferred the address bar feature.

    Aww, it looked cooler in the address bar although it wasn't practical.

    Also they broke session restore damn it

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