eBuddy XMS Lets You Send Free And Unlimited SMS Messages

Android/iPhone: The guys behind popular IM client eBuddy have just popped out a sister app that lets you send unlimited real-time SMS messages for "free", and Australia is one of the first countries to receive it.

It's a familiar concept if you've ever used WhatsApp Messenger. eBuddy XMS is a slick-looking SMS replacement service that uses your 3G/Wi-Fi connection to send text messages to your phone contacts and Facebook friends, making it great if you have lots of smartphone data allowance. However, if your carrier only gives you a measly 300MB (which is what I get), it probably makes more sense to use your allocated portion of talk and text for sending SMS messages, while saving your 3G data for actually browsing the web.

Not unusually, its usefulness is limited to those of your contacts who also use eBuddy XMS, which means it'll be a slow start while you wait for your family and friends to jump on board. And it looks like you can't send media — only text-based messages.

eBuddy XMS is exclusive to Australia and the Netherlands (for now), and its available as a free download for Android and iPhone. A Blackberry version is promised soon.

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    I really despise calling this free "sms" when it's all data drive and forces users to use the apps..

    You can't just sms your friends nokia... It's basically a cut down emailing application essentially almost isn't it?

    No, this isn't free SMS.

    Like Andrew, I think these applications are a load of crap.

    It uses your facebook contacts, and allows you to send an "sms" to them? Why not just do it through facebook!? Or email?


    many other apps do the same and alow attachments... Bump for example.

    whats wrong with whatsapp?

    If you want a truly free SMS app, try 'Post-It'

    You write down your message on a Post-It note, drive to your friends house and stick it on their front door.

    Now before you say Post-It notes aren't free, you're wrong - you just nick them from the stationary cupboard at work.

    Of course driving costs money and fuel, but this is just how you get your FREE message from A to B, so doesn't count. Right?

    Does it actually send an SMS to a phone or does it just push data to a contact with running this application?

    I was extited for a moment - free SMS just what I have been looking for - unfortunatelly this is nothing that yet another chat client - calling it SMS is kinda of miss leading.

    I already get unlimited free emails. And I can attach pictures too!

    I agree... this isn't a true free sms service. For an alternative app, try Kakao talk. Same thing... free message app. But then, there are heaps of them out there, so......

    How about Google Talk which is pre-installed on all Android phones... what's more, you can even send messages between desktops or phones or both...

    And what I'm saying certainly isn't news

    To sum up:
    Lifehacker, we're not dumb enough to fall for an app like this. No need to post about them in the future ;)

    Wow. This app is great! It will go well with what my mobile carrier already gives me which is free unlimited SMS to anyone in the country! Now I can contact my friends that don't use traditional SMS and only use this stupid app!

    Oh wait, what?

    I am a bit disappointed guys, this is not sms app as suggested. It is just ebuddy version of the android app "talk" which is gmails google talk. I already use google talk to message friends especially overseas, I wont be asking them to add another "exclusive" app which means more wasted space, more accounts to remember and more memory used up!

    there is no option to send sms to phone numbers. Scanning your phone contacts it only looks for ebuddy clients.

    Honestly I don't understand why ebuddy did not just add it to their regular chat program. It really is just another chat client taking up what precious little space some phones have already! Disappointed in ebuddy, disappointed in Lifehacker and disappointed in myself for not trusting my gut before installing it to try!

    This is some cheap editorial gimmick to get people to read this crappy article. Poor form Lifehacker. Don't ruin your cred.

    Yeah don't think ill be trying this one out

    Been using an app on the iphone called Heywire that allows free texts (including international) to mobiles using your 3G/Wireless.

    The interface is a little clunky and would be nice if it linked straight in with the actual iphone messaging interface but at least it does what it says on the tin.

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