eBay To Cut Back On Duplicate Listings

One annoying feature of shopping on eBay is looking for a particular type of item and encountering multiple listings for the same product from the same seller. That should become less of a problem from April 5, when eBay Australia will ban the practice of listing multiple identical items.

By definition, this will only be a problem for fixed-price 'Buy It Now' items, but as those are now a major feature of the eBay landscape, cutting out the duplicates is definitely welcome, and should make it easier to find the price, location and seller you want.



    About time too.

    What about the items that are obviously from different sellers that are obviously the same person? It annoys me when I'm trying to look for competing prices, but several different sellers have the exact same layout, product, price, etc.

    Huh... welcome to something like Wigix. Except those guys couldn't make it work, unfortunately.

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