DSLR Hack For Left-Handers

Andrew Scrivani shoots some seriously excellent food photography for the New York Times. Right now, his right arm is not useable. A problem since all heavy-ass DSLR cameras are made for righties, unless you shell out ridiculous cash for a custom build.His solution? A Frankensteinian creation that uses a flash mounting bracket and remote shutter release to make the camera easy to handle and shoot with the left hand. It works pretty well - but if you guys have some better ideas for Andrew to try, let's hear 'em. You can check out the full process over.here. [Andrew Scrivani]

Republished from Gizmodo


    3,427px × 2,873px, blurry, noisy, header image. Looks great in an rss feed. Not the best choice.

      What Paul said. You make my Google Reader cry.

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