Don't Spend Money On Not-That-Fast Gaming/Performance Mice

Now that even the cheapest computer mouse is laser-guided, can any of them be that much "faster" at pointing and clicking? Your common sense tells you no, and it's right. One manufacturer released test results showing that a $US100 "performance" mouse was actually slower than a $US12 cheap-o.Mouse maker WarMouse does have some skin in this game, as its WarMouse is promoted on the value of its multi-key macro buttons, not its "speed". But in testing out its own mouse against the competition, and being brutally honest about fraction-of-a-millisecond differences, the results put the lie to the idea that serious gamers, or productivity obsessives, are getting much of anything out of their "faster" pointers.

High-Performance Gaming Mice Don't Perform [WarMouse Meta via Slashdot]


    This 'study' is just measuring click speed with static and relatively large targets. Surprise surprise the product of company who wrote the test won.

    Calling out high resolution mouses for being expensive for doing low resolution work equally to a low resolution mouse is useless.

    What would the results be like if the test was designed to test precision or input lag? I'm not sure there would be any difference between a $50 and a $100 mouse but this press release is just testing the thing their product is good at.

    Not exactly sure what the laser in the bottom of the mouse has to do with the speed of a button up the top. Gaming mice are expensive because of their vastly superior tracking sensors. DPI and polling rate are the two major criteria for choosing a high end mouse, can't say I've ever heard anyone even mention clicking speed.
    If any of those $12 mice had 4000DPI sensors and 1000hz polling, then this test and headline might make sense.

    "Using a conventional icon and pull-down menu interface."
    Sounds exactly what gamers want when buying a mouse.

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