Dissecting Lebara's 0 Cents A Minute International Call Rates

There are dozens of cheap calling card plans out there offering cheap rates for international calls, but Lebaras's new offer of "zero cents a minute" does stick out. What's in the fine print?

Lebara today announced that it was offering 0 cent a minute rates for prepaid calls to mobiles or landlines to China, India, Malaysia and Thailand, as well as landline calls to Indonesia. For all those countries, you merely pay a 25 cent flagfall.

If you regularly wanted to call family in those countries and haven't set up a totally free option such as Skype-to-Skype calls, this is a pretty cheap deal. However, there's a fair use policy attached, which says that excessive use (more than 5000 minutes a month) can result in termination of the service. You can also be cut off for actions which "adversely affect the Vodafone Network or other Vodafone customers’ use of or access to a Vodafone Service" (Lebara uses Vodafone as its wholesale supplier).

In practice, that means that Lebara has plenty of grounds for cutting you off if it deems your usage to be excessive. 5000 minutes a month equates to under 3 hours a day — way longer than I'd want to talk on the phone, but not utterly exceptional for some of my relatives. If you're making brief but regular calls, it's potentially a better and less risky deal. That said, if the calls are really brief, then a lower flagfall plan might suit you better and cost less.



    And probably like all other cheap calling cards, the service is ordinary at best or unusable when you need it. Vodafail anyone?

      free voip is free.

      don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

    hmmm, with Vodafone the way it currently is, simply trying to make a phone call on their network would breach this "You can also be cut off for actions which adversely affect the Vodafone Network".

    Anyone tried Cherrycall? They offer free international calls

    Have used Lebara all month no problems good connection and paid near on nothing. Suggsets those that are bagging have not even bothered to try

    Would have to agree with frank. I have nothing but praise for lebara. If you want to try do what I did and buy a ten dollar lebara sim. credit lasts for three months and you can top up with as little as you like. I enjoy the convience of being able to make business call overseas with the freedom of my mobile. There is a slight delay in a lot of calls, howver clarity is great. I liked my skype but I cancelled it 4 months ago because lebara was so much more practicle for me.

      how much you wanna bet that Frank (chang) and David work in Lebara mobile, there are the only 2 that they reckon that Lebara is good (what about the Flagfall?the bad connection where you have to try 19 time to connect to your destination country where you are loosing falgfall 25c everytime yuo try to connect :25cx4 that is a 1 dollar from your 10 dollar Mr David)Lebara ripping off ppl and it is the worst sim card i have ever seen add to it it is using Vodanophone as a platform great!!

    Lebara is rip off , I got text from them to top up £19.95 to calls to Egypt , so I did then all my money is gon , so I did called 5588 as they told me I shoul reply towice to confirm , Lebara your RIP OFF

    Frank = Frank Chang = Fraudulent comment.
    Frank is, or WAS, sales manager at Lebara. Now going to Vodafone I hear - probably to tell more lies about how good he thinks THEY are LOL

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