Create A Hula Hoop Rug

This simple and cheap project is a good way to teach your kids about weaving using simple things you may have around your home.

Using about a dozen t-shirts, some scissors and a hula-hoop, you can easily have a nice weekend project set up for your kids while teaching them the essentials of weaving.

Essentially you cut up the t-shirt to create loops, also known as warp, which are placed around the hula hoop. Then you cut up the rest of the t-shirts, now known as weft, and weave it between the warp to create the weaving pattern.

When you have created a rug which is the size you were looking for, cut off the loops and tie them off - and your rug is ready.

Hula Hoop Rug via Disney FamilyFun

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    It helps to have an odd number of warps. I have done a small version of this using the plastic lid of a food container.

    Nice might need to test this one out

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