Chrome 11 Arrives In Beta With Speech Input And New Icon

Windows/Mac/Linux: Chrome 11 has made its way to the beta release of Chrome, bringing with it an HTML5-powered speech input ability (which you can test out here), GPU-powered 3D CSS rendering, and the new, flatter Chrome icon. Chrome 11 is due to hit the Stable release relatively soon, given how quickly it moved into Beta. [Chrome Releases Blog via TechCrunch]


    The new icon has to be one of the ugliest professionally designed icons I've seen. The old one was one of the best. I'm hoping it's only the beta that has the flat one.

    (yes, I know it's a minor nitpick, but it ugly's up my taskbar).

      ...and most people would agree with you (myself included). The new Chrome icon is ugly, and I hope they reconsider using it.

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