Calls To Japan On Telstra Free Until March 25

To enable Australians to check on family and friends in Japan following last week's earthquake/tsunami disaster, Telstra will not charge for calls to Japan made using its mobile and landline networks. The fee-free period (which also covers text messages) runs from 6:00am on Friday 11 March through until the same time on Friday March 25, with calls to Japanese numbers billed as zero cost. Handy to know if you're trying to get in touch or stay in touch.


    yeah, this sounds very impressive, but slightly unbelievable. Where did this information come from? Who ever posted it should give some sources. Angus Kidman? is that Nicole's older brother? Or is Angus just a lot of bull ????

      Agreed there should be a link to the source of the information.

    Telstra is definitely offering free calls to Japan, see Telstra's site:

    was able to check this out at the source, and it is confirmed on Telstra's homepage at:

    nice to see a large corporation thinking about people!

    Here's the link to the Telstra all checks out.

      FYI everybody, Telstra emailed the press announcement well ahead of putting it on its own site -- that's how it ended up here so quickly.

    Tried, but didn't work! I am with telstra too! :(

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