Big W Undercuts Apple On Original iPad

Apple's own in-house discounts on the original iPad represent major savings on the device, but Big W has even lower prices if you don't want to wait until March 25 for the new version.

Here's the deals — note you have to go to a physical store to get these, and I'm guessing availability will vary widely:

Given these prices, Apple's refurbished models looks even worse value than we thought originally. One side note: if you bought an original iPad from an Apple Store in the fortnight before Apple dropped the prices, Apple will refund you the difference.

Big W


    Wish the 3G models weren't so expensive.

      As an iPhone user, is there even a need now to get an iPad with 3G considering the new iOS4 update will include a wi-fi hotspot function? That's obviously considering you have a decent data allowance each month?

        I don't have an iPhone currently. Trying to get your hands on an iPhone in Melbourne was near impossible, and now that they're back in stock there's not much point since an upgrade is only a few months away.

        I do have a 3G data allowance of 7GB a month (which I barely use), though. :P

        Only if you have an iPhone 4, anything earlier won't have the hotspot function (assuming it's not jailbroken).

    Now those prices are starting to look more reasonable.

    We got the very last one available at our local Big W - it was the display model, came without a box and we got it for $300. We were rather pleased.

      You're not missing much in terms of the box. It comes with a tiny manual and some packaging. An Apple product is probably the only product I'd accept as a display model.

        Why is an Apple product the only one you would accept as a display? Are other products less prone to handling?

        If anything Apple products are touched, handled and dirtied even more because they look nice. You don't see the white turning beige?

        When I buy an Apple product and pay that hefty sum, I make sure its brand new.

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