Get One Year Of Free Gmail Backups to Backupify

Get One Year Of Free Gmail Backups to Backupify

A small set of Gmail’s users found all their Gmail stuff vanished over the weekend. Enter Backupify, the online life backup service (previously mentioned), with a coupon code (savegmail) for a year of free backup, including Gmail. Backupify looks like a worth-paying-for service and definitely a viable option for those not up for command-line-based or IMAP backup manoeuvres. [Backupify Signup]


  • “Is there a simple way to backup my info? And can this be scheduled and run automatically?”

    Its there is the perfect solution for GMAIL BACKUP
    You can simply schedule backup and forget it, come after few hours and download your full gmail messages just by one single click.
    Its that easy. I tried it and i downloaded some 400,000 emails of my gmail as one single zip file in one click.
    U can see at


  • I’ve been using Backupify for months (I scored a lifetime free account a while back), and honestly, its been great. So far I’ve never had to really use it, other than setting up a backup schedule. Weekly status emails give me peace of mind that everything is still working as it should, and that my data is ready and waiting on their servers should I ever need it.

  • I already had a Backupify account and I found no way to specify the coupon code, but when I followed the link to their “new site” I could select gmail, gcal, etc … up to 5 GB free for the next 100 years!

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