Avoid Dropping Screws By Wrapping Your Screwdriver In Plastic Wrap

Magnetic screwdrivers are one of the best tools a DIYer could have, but if you’re stuck with a non-magnetic version (or you’re working with non-magnetic screws), a little plastic wrap can actually serve the same function.

There’s nothing more annoying than dropping screws all over the place. DIY master Danny Lipford shows us how to keep those screws stuck to your screwdriver without magnets: just wrap the screwdriver in a bit of plastic wrap. The screw will stay stuck on there until you get it where it needs to go. Check out the above video to see it in action.

Simple Solutions For Driving Small Screws in Tight Places [5min.com via DIY Life]


  • All things in consideration, that’s actually a pretty ordinary solution – got 10 screws to put in that way – looks like a whole lot of effort re-wrapping the screwdriver every time. Would probably just be quicker to just go out and buy a magnetic screwdriver…

    Better idea is to stick a glob of blu-tak on the end, leaving just the tip of the screwdriver exposed – a new screw can be easily stuck to the blu-tak in less than a few seconds, rather than the half minute Danny’s method takes…

    Although you can’t wrap the kids lunch up in the blu-tak after you’ve finished with it.

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