Automatic Is An Unobtrusive RSS Feed Content Downloader

Automatic Is An Unobtrusive RSS Feed Content Downloader

Mac OS X: Yesterday we looked at turning your computer into a personal video recorder and Lifehacker reader IronSyndicate mentioned that Mac users have a better option for downloading feed-based content: Automatic. It’s a really nice option and so we thought we’d highlight it today.IronSyndicate argues why Automatic is better:

What makes it better is the fact that Automatic is a Preference Pane rather than a software, so it invisibly runs in the background without cluttering your desktop/dock/menubar. And it’s always on (unless you turn it off, but – why would you?).

While the new version (2.0+) costs $US20, you can still get the old version for free on the Coding Curious website (direct download). The pay version makes adding shows a lot easier and the interface is a bit more elegant, but the free version is perfectly serviceable. If you prefer your content scheduler to stay out of your way, Automatic will do the trick.

Automatic [Coding Curious]

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