Aussie Movie Tests A Torrent-Plus-DVD Release Model

Aussie Movie Tests A Torrent-Plus-DVD Release Model

The question of how to make money from entertainment in a torrent-centric universe is one we grapple with regularly. The makers of Aussie horror flick The Tunnel are embracing the challenge: rather than aiming for a theatrical release, they’re simultaneously releasing their movie on DVD and as a torrent stream, trusting that people who enjoy it for free will then pay up for the actual release.

Nick at Gizmodo has been tracking this project for a while, and he’s got an in-depth interview with the film’s writer Julian Harvey ahead of the official release on May 17. Obviously there’s a risk involved in making something available for nothing, but Harvey seems confident:

The idea and the attitude behind is that we’re trying to create an audience for this film that may not otherwise have seen it, or may not have otherwise had the opportunity to see it. We’re also trying to look at an audience at a global level.

Hit Gizmodo for the full read, and tell us if you think this will become a viable model for all kinds of entertainment in the comments.

Aussie Film The Tunnel Set To Revolutionise Film Distribution On May 19 [Gizmodo]


  • About friggen time!

    Trailer looks great too 🙂

    The only problem I see is that Paramount, the distributors of the DVD and a member of AFACT, will come up with some legal bullshit to stop the BitTorrent release the day before it hits shelves.

    • Or (this is a long stretch) this could be Paramount testing the waters with new distribution methods.

      Or Paramount could use this as an example to show people “Hey! We released this movie for free, trusting people would pay for it if given the opportunity, but they didnt. See? Theyre pirates! Thieves!”

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