Ask LH: Can I Change My Android Wallpaper To Show My Emergency Contacts?

Dear Lifehacker, There’s a battle being fought in my mind. If there is an emergency and someone finds your phone, you want them to see your ICE [In Case Of Emergency]contact number in your address book. On the other hand, what if they take your phone as well, with all your personal data on it? So my question is this: can you put an emergency number on the unlock screen of an Android? Thanks, Battle-Scarred

Dear Battle-Scarred

The most obvious way we could locate to do this in the trusty Lifehacker archives is to use WidgetLocker, which we’ve featured in the past for its slider-customising ability. However, it also offers you the ability to customise your lockscreen wallpaper, which is a pretty easy way to add your emergency contact number to the screen. WidgetLocker is $1.94, but that’s not a whole lot if you want to get this feature in place. If readers have other methods for getting this done — I don’t claim to be an Android customisation expert and my main Android test device badly needs a reimaging — we’d love to hear them in the comments.


WidgetLocker [Android Market]

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