Are Apple's Refurbished iPads Cheap Enough?

Yesterday, Apple dropped the price of the original iPad to make way for the new iPad 2 on March 25. But if $449 for a 16GB iPad is still a bit rich for your blood, Apple's online store will sell you a refurbished iPad — for $389.

The table below details the new and refurbished prices for an original model iPad, direct from Apple.[imgclar]

I'm all for reusing technology, but I can't help thinking the gap between new and used isn't quite big enough here. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

Apple [via OzBargain]


    Still about $200 too much for me to even consider.

      16GB Already selling brand new for$389 at big W.

    Could be a bit of a bigger difference but both come with 1 yr warranty don't they? So if I wanted an iPad 1 I would probs go a referb. But I think I might get an iPad 2 so personally I'm waiting...

    My superpad/wowpad has 2x32gig sd, 2 usb, 1rj45 hdmi gps 3g adsl wifi. 2 gig system memory. =$185
    Why would I buy one an ipad
    I could get 3 of these for the price of one of them.

      where did you find a tablet that powerful for that cheap? and can it run ios?

    Hi - I too have a chinese epad (runs android) that I got for $150. Not the same kettle of fish true, but honestly google market is crammed up the the hilt with programs. Software really makes these things shine or fade. I wasn't, and still am not, even close to getting an ipad at that price. Stephen

      I have a tablet similar to an epad, the best part about these cheap ARM tablets is they'll run debian or WinCE as well as android, so it's not like you'd ever be at a loss for programs to run.

    Sorry, if you are questioning value for money with an Apple then you are not deserved of one.

    I think you will find that Big W is selling new ones cheaper than Apple's refurb price

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