Android Will Soon Allow Screenshots Without The Painful Setup

Android Will Soon Allow Screenshots Without The Painful Setup

It’s not available on actual phones yet, but a core code change in Android 2.3.3 allows for apps to take screenshots, without “rooting” or setting up a development kit. Yes, iPhone users have been able to do this for some time, and, yes, it should have been available earlier. But, hey, it’s a major pain that’s going away. [Android Central]


  • I can take a screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy S, running standard Optus 2.2 firmware, without any additional apps or root…

    Just hold down the ‘back’ soft-key and hit the home button.

    Looks like it might be Galaxy S specific though, as it doesn’t work on my Nexus One.

  • My Garmin Asus A50 running Android 2.1 has under settings/audio and display the Screenshot option. Check the box to take screenshots with the camera key. As far as I know this isn’t something I added, but maybe others should check in to confirm.

  • @Mat & @Lee – Out-of-the-box stock Android does not allow screenshots. This functionality can be achieved by the end user via 3rd party apps, but only after Root access has been gained. Any screenshot functionality which is available, has been added by the manufacturer in their on OS customisations. Unfortunately, its not a function which all (or even most) manufacturers have decided to add.

  • I wouldn’t really call using the screen shot tool from the android sdk “setting up a development kit”. It’s just one program you run while your phone’s plugged in.

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