Android Briefs: Desire Z On Vodafone, Defy On Optus, Kogan No Plans

Android Briefs: Desire Z On Vodafone, Defy On Optus, Kogan No Plans

There’s been a raft of local Android phone announcements today, so we’ve gathered them together in one handy post.

  • Telstra’s exclusive on the ruggedised Defy Android phone has now ended, and Optus has begun selling the device as well, with no handset charge on a $49 cap 24 month contract.
  • Vodafone has scored a local exclusive on the HTC Desire Z. No pricing announced yet, but it will go on sale from mid-March.
  • Online retailer Kogan has made noises about releasing Android phones in the past, but founder Ruslan Kogan says that there are no current plans to enter the Android tablet market, because it’s too hard to compete with Apple. Hit the Giz post for the full (and colourful) story. [Gizmodo]


  • I sometimes wonder if Vodaphone is a direct employee of Apple. What a brilliant way to protect the iphone market by ensuring enticing Android phones are exclusive to the useless and unreliable Vodaphone.
    Please, please $%^$^% off Vodaphone!

  • Yes sure Vodafone please go on and sell the Desire Z when its been released all over the world for the 5 or 6 months. And what in gods name is up with Telstras obsession with the Motorola Defy? Sure its water resistant thats awesome but what all the other android phones out there with specs that are HEAPS better? When it comes to UI considering motoblurs very laggy interface. Please Telcos of Australia.. Improve! You guys are pike miles away compared to the rest of the world and its unfair to Australia and its people.

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