You Can Cancel Facebook Friend Requests If You Have Second Thoughts

Among the things you think you should be able to do on Facebook but which aren't easy to find the link for: cancelling a friend request. Tech-Recipes shows us how, for those moments immediately following your second-guesses.

Head to the profile of the person you're requesting, then look for a "Cancel friend request" link in the left-side column, usually near the bottom. The link turns grey — but if your non-friend gets Facebook email updates, that might have already gone out. [Tech-Recipes]


    On the right side of the FB page, there was a list of people that FB were suggesting that I add as friends. I thought I knew one of them from their tiny little FB profile pic, so I clicked on what I thought said, "Mutual friends" I did not have my glasses on at the time so what I actually clicked on was "Send Friend Request." I panicked and deactivated my FB account. I don't remember the name of the person that I sent the Friend Request to, so I guess I won't be able to go to that person's account to Cancel Friend Request. My bad.

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