Woolworths Has Dumped Price Check Section From Its Site

Woolworths Has Dumped Price Check Section From Its Site

Woolworths Has Dumped Price Check Section From Its Site A year ago, Woolworths was boasting about offering a price check option on its site, but now the feature has disappeared entirely.

When the price check system first appeared, we noted that it was far from perfect — you had to provide a postcode (which contradicted earlier Woolies claims about consistent pricing) and it didn’t cover everything in a given store — but that at least it made checking prices on some items easier. Now you can’t even do that. If you hit the Price Check link, you get this message:

We are currently reviewing this site and the information that is provided to our customers.

I don’t know how long the feature has been missing, but its current absence does seem to contradict what the supermarket clamed in press releases at the time:

Woolworths will continue to add more products over time and is working on a number of IT enhancements to enable greater functionality.

Hard to see “no price check whatsoever” as “greater functionality”, isn’t it?


  • Someone needs to scrape all of the data, so it can be compared at a later date. I smell a rat when it comes to this. I know Coles has already dropped the portion size of some of it’s deli products yet charges the same amount. Yes it’s “hormone free”, but it’s still a crock.

  • this broke right after the change from Sunday to Wednesday specials catalogue change.

    its usually down for up to 6hours every week when they update the prices, but not, nothing :'( i loved this tool for checking when its time to crack out the trolley to raid the super cheap 30packs.

    • The specials theory is interesting and could play a role — but really, shifting a process by one day shouldn’t bring the entire service down. Plus, they’re still uploading lists of specials despite the changed dates — just not full price lists.

      • Retail chain is all about people’s perception !!!
        When you are in Woolworths, be sure to check what price is under the “special” ticket. Often you’ll find that it may not be marked down at all or it is just 50~60c down. Normally, when people shop they look for the prices marked down for the weekly “special”. Yes, there are so many half price items as well, but always check the original price under the special marked down ticket. They are already making huge profit and have great markup so unfortunately we have to pay for that!!!

  • Trying not to be bias here, but after working for 6 months in IT at Coles, they seriously have an edge over Woolies. With all the negative stories I am hearing in the press about Woolies, Coles is going to kick butt (and make us pay more in fuel)

  • @Jack Cola,

    I work for a Coles competitor. I’ll match your edge and raise you! I.T. is only part of the story of any successful retailer mate!

    Nice to see Coles has finally picked up its act and has stopped selling poorly kept and out of date fungus and bacteria filled product, tidied the mess and outdated look in its stores and actually get some stock on its shelves. These were not IT issues even though IT facilitates the result.

    Unfortunately Coles sales per store m2 and logistics network bogs it way way down in heavy capital and depreciation costs. At the current accelerated rates of improvement Coles still won’t come close to matching the competition for a decade – simple competitive advantage because they dropped their ball for so long.

    Your call mate!

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