Why Everyone Should Have At Least One Linux Live CD Or USB Drive

PCWorld provides a nice reminder of four good reasons everyone should have at least one live-booting, Linux-powered CD around: saving a system, security-conscious banking, repurposing old hardware with minimal OSes, and, well, simply testing out Linux. [PCWorld]


    The link to "minimal OSes" has a typo. Need to remove the extra 'h' in hhttp....


      Thanks for the spot, fixed now.

    Having just recovered from a partial disc failure, I have a new found interest in boot CDs which help fix, test or backup files.

    What do you recommend for a Win7/NTFS friendly general purpose or rescue cd? BartPE no longer works. WinPE 3 is complex to setup and looks to inhibit a lot of things in the "Profile" setup. I looked at the above link to get this link: www.livecdlist.com. Trinity Rescue looks good for rescue. Maybe i'll stick with UBCD (ultimate boot cd) that uses freeDOS.

    ps I ended up copying my latest changes off the drive with UBCD and re-imaging the new drive with a 6 month old image using Paragon Recovery free edition. What a life saver. I'm just copying my last backup back onto the drive now.

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