When Cloud Computing Looks Like A Return To Mainframe

When Cloud Computing Looks Like A Return To Mainframe

“Father of the Internet” Vint Cerf reckonsreckons that cloud computing is great, but that it needs standards for systems to communicate. Sendmail pioneer Eric Allman argues that too many people fail to realise that cloud computing involves a return to computing approaches from decades ago.

Like Cerf, Allman gave a keynote address at Linux.conf.au in Brisbane last week. One of the topics he touched on was cloud computing, and he pointed out that the main premise of cloud isn’t actually that different from the mainframe systems which first saw computing extend into the business environment:

Cloud computing is a return to centralised administration. You are handing the keys back to people in those glass rooms.

That can mean major savings in administration hassle and cost, but it also potentially means having less control over your environment, Whether that’s an issue will vary from business to business, as Allman also noted:

Is that the right thing to do? For a lot of people, it is. The design space keeps changing.

But how can you decide if that’s a sensible choice for your own workplace? Our TechLines panel will examine those kinds of cloud challenges in a live online broadcast on February 17. Don’t miss it!


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