What’s Your Perfect Tablet Computer?

What’s Your Perfect Tablet Computer?

With Android 3.0 Honeycomb around the corner and many other tablets on the horizon, there are a number of takes on what a tablet should be. If it were up to you, what would make up your perfect tablet?

Apple’s mostly defined much of what tablet computing is going to be in the near future, but maybe that’s not what you want. Maybe Android isn’t either. If you could design the perfect tablet, what would you want? What would you need so it would help you work better, use your media how you want, and communicate effectively with others? Share your ideas in the comments.


  • First priority: offline usage
    A4 screen
    USB/SD storage and ability to accept file uploads from other digital devices
    on-screen and optional hardware keyboard
    stylus – pressure sensitive ideally
    PDF editor including pen & transparency for highlighting
    A/V playback (VLC equivalent)
    ebook reader

    Pri 2 Connected usage:
    GPS for maps
    internet browser with unrestricted ability to upload/download with local storage
    Blog editing software like Live Writer
    Print to PDF

    Pri 3 Advanced usage:
    Printing direct to device
    Music editing software
    HDMI output

  • Excellent list Mike. But I’ll make all specs as top priority.

    Just to add some hardware specs.

    Dual or quad core
    Min 1 gb ram
    Slick and responsive os
    Hd resolution
    10 hours+ usage on one charge
    Thin and Light weight – around 500 grams

  • Hardware:
    * +1 for A4 sized screen like my old Fujitsu slate stylistic st5010, but super HD
    * Super thin bezel made out of some sort of stiff memory foam, so it molds to your hand over time
    * The back either one giant E-ink display so it can be flipped and used like an E-reader or used to display decoration/news/system stats. Otherwise one giant track pad. (or both, E-ink touchscreen)
    * +1 for stylus with pressure sensitivity, while also having finger multi touch.

    * Honeycomb
    * OneNote- THE tablet killer app

  • Manageability is key for me.

    At work (as IT Manager) and at home (as a parent to two Talking Tom Cat obsessed kids) I need to be able to moderate what can be deployed to each device and control its use.

    At work, I need to ensure people don’t install apps or use online services that violate our strict data security policies.
    At home, I need to control what the kids use and how they use it.

    At present, iOS does not provide enough control unless you spend a considerable amount of money on 3rd party management tools. I’d like to be able to link 100 iPads to a single iTunes account and deploy apps from there. Users would browse the store and instead of clicking buy, would click request. Ideally there would be a customisable approval process available within the store.
    Android is not there yet, but will overtake iOS in the next couple of years once more enterprise-friendly features are added.

    I’m hoping that Google will bring out more appliance servers, just like their search appliance, with tools such as Android management and Docs. That way, companies that aren’t willing to move into the cloud can retain control of their data whilst leveraging Google’s platform.

    Whoever brings me these tools will get my business. For now, I’ll stick with an Android phone and a Windows Netbook. The Tablet just ain’t there yet. I think Android will be the first to win me over though.

  • Small but good size screen.
    Must be 3D Capable with No Glasses and 2D.

    Must come standard with an extra battery if battery life with using does not last 8 hours.

    Must be smart and compatible with what is already out there,(PCS,PS3,ETC) must be able to be update able by software and firmware.
    Remote Access to the device too would be good incase you left it at work and needed to access documents.
    Webcam. Maybe also wack in a bit of water proof and shock resistance i see them doing that with the cameras. Maybe that could be the Miltary Model.

  • Specs:
    -Dual core Tegra 2
    -7″ or 9″ OLED(we can dream!) Screen with a HD resolution
    -2GB RAM
    -64gb SSD
    -Android 3.0
    -2MP front-facing camera, another camera is unnecessary
    -Great speakers which can pump out loud audio
    -2xUSB ports
    -WiFi g/n
    -Very solid build quality
    -As light as possible without compromising on specs, 500g maximum.

    Unrealistic? Sure.
    In a few years time it won’t be.

  • To be honest I’d be happy with the iPad if they added the following things.

    An improved lockscreen and app screen (with widget equivalents and junk). The app screen is fine on the iPhone but with the iPad it’s a waste of space. (This is being addressed in Honeycomb, yay!)

    A choice on full screen or non-fullscreen on aps to run them side by side.

    A bigger screen! Everytime I grab the iPad I get frustrated with the size.

    The most incredible feature for me would be a removable clamshell keyboard to the tablet could switch between laptop and tablet as I choose.

    • I concur, my iPad is enough, it’s it doesn’t have a program you want on it, RDP to a computer that does.

      For me the screen is fine, I’m a very tall guy, and mine fits in my jacket pocket.

      I used to hate that there was no camera in it, but I use my Nikon DSLR with a WiFi SD card in it now.

      I love my iPad, and I’m looking forward to the next ones features; but they don’t make me regret this one, more features will only be an improvement.

      BTW the best accessory for the iPad is a Parrot AR.Drone I play with it a little too often 😉

  • I would like the following:
    – 9″capacitive touch screen
    – 16gb onboard with expandable SD slot
    – Honeycomb
    – Dual code tegra 2 processor
    – 802.11g/n wifi (I don’t need a sim slot)
    – Bluetooth
    – hdmi out
    – standard headphone jack
    – 1gb ram
    – 1 USB port

    That’s it for me – it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me – Closest thing I’ve seen is the LG tablet but that has glassless 3d – something that will boot up the price that I have no interest in.

  • I essentially have two use cases for a tablet.

    1: Replace a notebook. This means A4 size, stylus support of some kind (fingers don’t give fine enough control) and apps for notetaking, scribling, integrating with W7/Office10 workflows etc.

    2. Entertainment. This is really just 1080p screen and good apps (including a good browser).

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