What's The One Thing You Can't Stand About Your Primary Operating System?

We tend to have our operating system preferences, whether it's desktop or mobile, but that doesn't mean we love everything about them. If you could only change one thing about your primary operating system of choice, what would it be?

Remember, you can only pick one (but feel free to choose one for your desktop OS and your mobile OS). Share yours in the comments.


    Mac OS X: Windows that grab focus no matter what you are currently doing. Example: You're writing an email, you pause to start up an app that takes an age to load (aka anything by Adobe) you go back and are halfway through the email when the application, finally ready, leaps into the foreground like some panting dog with a saliva covered ball!

    What I want: The option to tell everything to default to the background. If I'm really waiting on an app I'll stay with it until open.

    Mac: finder is stuipid. networking is a pain in the backside, single button is getting REALLY old now... MORE IS BETTER (Jeremy Clarkson POWERRRR MORE IS BETTER) gaming mice (buttons - MORE IS BETTER)...
    Mac: i don't know if i do it right, or wrong, but they keep losing their wifi settings @ work
    windows: BSOD has happened 1 time in the past 2 years at my work... 350 windows based computers nad 15 macs
    I have more issues with the macs than with windows based computers.
    windows: startup time is longer, BUT with my laptop, its been ON since 10th of January, hasn't been rebooted, when i leave, i just lock it and walk away.
    windows: XP don't support server 2008 group policies
    mac: don't support windows servers full stop. to the functionality i require.
    i have seen more issues here on macs than windows based / linux computers... why? i thought windows was the worse OS ever, and linux only for nerds who live the basement of their mothers houses and have never seen a girl in swimware let alone naked...

    Windows search is definitely my #1 hate - broken, or perhaps just very badly designed in terms of expected behaviour.

    Another little thing I've never understood:

    1. Find a reeeally long web page.
    2. Click on the vertical scrollbar thumb and commence dragging it down, to move towards the bottom of the page.
    3. When you're almost at the bottom, move your mouse a couple of inches to the left or right and feel your stress level rise as the thumb snaps back to the top of the scrollbar.
    4. Start over.


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