What Are Your Favourite GUI Hacks And Interface Customisations?

Our operating systems of choice may (or may not) have beautiful user interfaces, but it's rare to find a Lifehacker reader without at least a little customisation. Whatever it may be, what customisations and GUI hacks can't you live without?

For me, I need to change my OS X dock. I can live with forcing the 2D style, but the shiny mirror OS X comes with is a bit much for me. My personal preference? The Niqu Dock. Also, the Flurry icon set is a must. How about you? Share yours in the comments.


    I don't understand why Apple doesn't build that 'noglass' option into the System prefs. It looks SO much better IMO!

      i dont understand why apple does alot the things it does (or doesnt do) but its apple what do you expect? they Beta test on consumers FFS

    RocketDock on XP (we are forced to use it at work)
    Icons from OS X Leopard
    Stacks Docklet
    3840x1024 wallpaper ( 3 x 19" @ 1280x1024)

    Umm, what's the source of that blue desktop at the top?

    I've been using "True Launch Bar" for several years now and I've yet to find anything that beats it for ease of use and access to my Apps. Basically it sits beside Quick Launch and allows me to put a group of quick open folders (very quick) with icons that make sense to me, and inside the folders the actual Apps ready to run at a click! I very seldom have to access the start menu. Plus it's cheap! around $20.00 gets you a lifetime of regular updates.... Oh, and no, I don't own shares! :}

    nexus dock
    tweak UI

    I used to use Rocketdock and hid all my desktop icons when I used XP. I also replaced uxtheme.dll with the hacked one so I could use a vista theme.
    Now that I'm on 7 though, all I do is hide my desktop icons and keep my wallpapers rotating. I think it's the best looking OS out there.

    - RocketDock
    - Tweak7
    - Rainmeter

    these three are all you need to make a PC GUI look badass, clean and minimalistic is key IMO, no desktop icons (all mounted in Rocketdock) with crisp clean lines from Rainmeter, RSS feeds to your desktop weather updates and the rest, i vote we have a screen dump competition run by LH i would love to see whats going on out there on other peoples PC's

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