Welcome To Lifehacker's 2011 Uni Success Guide

We promised this would happen a couple of weeks ago, and now it's here: Lifehacker's 2011 Uni Success Guide. In addition to our regularly scheduled programming, throughout the week we'll be sharing tips on how to make the most of the university experience and the technology and apps you need to succeed.

Even if you've long left uni behind or never got there in the first place, you should pick up a few useful productivity tips as well. Enjoy!

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    Why not have a 2011 guide instead... 2010 is a tad out of date....

      D'oh! Fixed now.

        Tag is still 2010 though..

    Also... there is no link to the story...

      Perhaps Angus hasn't finished writing it yet.

    ah so where is it then?

    same reaction as gd - article title fixed, but article text, article tag and tweet all still say 2010...so last decade

      Aargh. It's very Monday in here. Fixed all refs now (though the tweet stands as a record of my poor start to the week). And for those asking "where is it?": as with most LH series, and as the post itself says, there'll be stories throughout the week. This is just the announcement, people. Stay calm.

    looking forward to the guide, last year's helped out quite a bit

    Excited for this I go back to uni tomorrow and I always like hearing tips to make it that bit easier.

    As someone who's planning on starting a phd later this year, I'd definitely appreciate some research-oriented articles and tips!

    Dammit, thanks for reminding me, only 2 weeks left of summer holidays.

    Where is the Guide?

      As I've already mentioned, it's not one guide -- there'll be a series of posts throughout the week.

    I've started uni for the first time since school 15 years ago so looking forward to this...

    bad choice of title.. it seems I wasn't the only one who clicked on the link expecting the guide not "a series of posts throughout the week"

    Looking forward to these posts as I start uni next week. Might try and have a look at last years guide.

    Sorry, but the programming series is a joke for two reasons:

    1. Javascript is a horrible first language for learning fundamentals. It's weakly typed and has poor support for OO.

    2. The style of the articles are very demo-based and dont actually teach much underlying theory.

    It's not an intro to programming, perhaps a intro to being a script kiddie.

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