Wedge Paper Between Batteries To Stop Magic Mouse Disconnects

Unintentional lifting, even an unnoticeable amount, can cause a Bluetooth disconnect, and an annoying wait for a reconnect to your Mac. Wedging paper between the batteries, and just up against the battery cover, can eliminate that daily rift.

Image via iSource.

Why would a high-school-folded wedge of paper prevent your mouse from frequent Bluetooth interruptions? The thinking goes that when you lift the mouse, it jolts the batteries just enough to interrupt the steady Bluetooth flow, forcing another handshake between your computer and mouse. The paper wedge keeps the batteries more firmly into their carrier slots, and forgives your hand its occasional lifts. It might work well with other mice, too, but this fix seems most helpful for Apple's Magic Mouse.

Magic Mouse randomly disconnecting from bluetooth [MacFixIt/CNET Reviews via iSource]


    How can such a thing have such an obvious hardware defect?
    It is almost impossible to use a mouse without lifting it at some point.

    I use my Magic Mouse all the time and have never had that problem before...

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