Vodafone To Sell Nexus S Android Phone In Australia

Vodafone To Sell Nexus S Android Phone In Australia

Vodafone sold the original Nexus One for a brief period in Australia, so it’s not surprising that it has also secured a deal for its successor, the Samsung-manufactured Nexus S. No word on when it will go on sale or what the price will be, but from 9am on February 8 you can register on the local Vodafone site to express your interest in the phone.

The original Nexus One hit Australia half a year after its original release, so we can only hope that the Nexus S makes its appearance a little faster. After all, lots of people have been trying to ship it in themselves rather than wait, despite Samsung announcing that it was examining options almost as soon as the phone launched.



  • Vodafone? Obviously Google aren’t aware of the various problems VHA are suffering at the moment.

    Regardless of this; considering the overall success of the Samsung Galaxy S in Australia, and ever popular the iPhone – both of which are available over several major carriers, Google should really be trying to follow the same business model. Might not benefit them quite so much immediately in carrier kickbacks, but would not doubt result in much higher overall sales.

  • Too bad Vodafone are such a rubbish carrier… In our family, we have three iPhones – on Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. In Brisbane at least, the 3G on Vodafone just doesn’t work half the time, (requests just time out, but refreshing about eight times sometimes gets it to work), and most other times it’s pretty slow… In the same places using the other networks, it works as you’d expect.

    In parts of Sydney I visited though it seemed more reliable, which makes me even more angry because Vodafone have about twenty planned 3G towers on their web site going in to NSW and about four to Queensland.

    So unless you’re in Sydney, stay away…

  • I’m betting importing one from the USA will still be cheaper (plenty of ebay sellers will ship it here already), and even if it’s not I’d do it just so that vodafail didn’t even sniff my money – but I don’t want one, no notification LED was a big mistake.

  • Nexus S was only exciting to be because I’m a Galaxy S owner and it’s hardware similarities pretty much assured that Galaxy S would get Gingerbread at some stage (via xda)!
    With Dual Core handsets just around the corner, I’d be hanging for one of them rather than the single core Nexus.
    Especially given you’ll have the chance to avoid Vodafone!

  • Hi Guys,
    Nexus S is suffering from severe problems (rebooting, freezing etc.) Check out Google mobile forms. I am going to return mine, rest is up to you.

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