Use Windows 7 Libraries For Easy Dropbox Access

One of the few complaints you'll hear about Dropbox is its use of a default folder (My Dropbox) which isn't necessarily where you want to keep things. Reader Simon got around that problem by using the Windows 7 Libraries feature.

Here's how Simon tackled the issue:

After setting up a drop box account a few months ago. I've been frustrated by not being able to access it from the Save dialog from most programs. I worked out an easy way around this in Windows 7. I first created a new library called Dropbox and then added my Dropbox folder to the library. This has worked a treat and made saving directly into my Dropbox folder possible.

I've not personally had a problem navigating to my Dropbox folder in Windows apps, and we've told you before how to change your standard Dropbox folder location to anywhere you like. However, we're big fans of Windows 7 libraries, and this is another good way to make Dropbox access easier. Thanks Simon!


    Even more easy is to simply make the Dropbox folder a Favorite.

    Why not just add it to favorites, any app that shows libraries in the save window ought to show the favorites as well.

    If it is important to you to sync data from any folder give SugarSync a try - that is a built-in capability.

    Careful!! I've run into a bug in which entire folders show up in the Library Drobox and don't appear in my actual Dropbox. There appears to be some syncing issue. I haven't got to the bottom of this, but I've been burned by it.

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