Upgrade Your Sneakers And Minimise Knot Annoyance With Nautical Rope

Upgrade Your Sneakers And Minimise Knot Annoyance With Nautical Rope

The standard laces on sneakers are fine — for the first few months, then they’re prone to weathered looks and tricky knots. Upgrade your kicks with nautical rope, which can look pretty neat and is meant to weather really rough conditions.

This tip comes from Alex Grant, who wanted a DIY version of the New Balance “Kennedy”, itself inspired by John F. Kennedy Jr and his love of sailing. Using $US6 of nautical line (about 1m, though Grant regrets not going for 1.2m), the upgraded sneakers look snazzy, and, combined with a good knot like the Reef, you’re less likely to drag your laces along the pavement.

DIY: Nautical New Balances [Alex Grant via Put This On]


  • Yeah that’s all well and good, but a reef knot can be a real bugger to undo when it’s too tight, and you will need it tight to keep it done-up with this stuff, and good luck getting a regular shoe knot to stay done-up! 🙁

  • I agree with Nodeity, the slick nylon cover to the rope will make it as slippery as anything. Combine that with it being fairly resilient (doesn’t squash much) then it’ll come undone really quickly. Flat cotton laces seem to be the best bet for staying done up (they’re a pain to find these days though).
    I’ve found one knot that is pretty good with modern laces – http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/secureknot.htm and it only takes one minor addition to the traditional knot.

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