TV Still Favoured Entertainment Medium For Kids

We mentioned yesterday that reports of the decline of TV in the face of the Internet are often exaggerated. Here's another interesting bit of evidence: a study by Roy Morgan Research found that Australian kids aged between 6 and 13 watch an average of 14.8 hours a week.

That works out at a bit less than two hours a day, which if I'm honest is certainly less TV than I was watching at that age. But as Mumbrella notes, that's still much more than the 7.8 hours a week spent on Internet activities, which are often said to be a chief reason why TV viewership is in decline. The study covered 2,914 kids, though it's not clear (as usual) how much of that Internet time was taken up by YouTube, iView and other fine online viewing establishments.

Young Aussies watch nearly 15 hours of TV per week [Mumbrella]


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