Turn A Coffee Cup Into A Smartphone Cupholder Mount For Your Car

We've shown you a few DIY car mounts for your smartphone, but the guys at DIY weblog Mechanical Mashup show us the simplest mount of all: all you need is a coffee cup and some scissors.

If you've got an extra cupholder you aren't using, this car mount will take you just a few seconds to make. You don't even really need to go into the detail they do in the video, you can just eyeball the measurements and cut up that coffee cup to fit your smartphone. Check out the video to see the process.

How to convert a disposable coffee cup into a smart phone holder [Mechanical Mashup]


    1. Look I'm sure it's useful, but there are so many 'make a stand out of...' things. I mean really, make a stand out of your house by leaning against it!

    2. Thankyou, Lifehacker, this is one of the differences between you and Gizmodo. Gizmodo tries to 'pull in' with headlines. They would have said 'Turn a Coffee Cup into an *iPhone* mount'. You guys have class. Wish all Gawker productions could have a bit more.

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