The Personal Page Helps You Create A Single-Page Online Calling Card

With the personal landing page trend taking off, you've got a lot of choices (we even made our own). The Personal Page, however, opts for simplicity over functionality, letting you quickly create an attractive online calling card.

The Personal Page isn't much more than a photo and text, but the idea is to be short and to the point. We believe in keeping resumes short and to the point and the power of concision, and so the same power of brevity can easily be applied to your personal home page. The Personal Page is currently hosted on GitHub, so you just need to download the source, make your alterations, and post it on your favourite personal web host. While you certainly have more options if you're looking for features, if you want to keep it short and sweet the Personal Page is a good option.

The Personal Page [via @azaaza]


    how do we go about moving the motif from top right hand down to bottom right hand under the text?

    Or alternatively, get rid of it altogether?

    or as a header for the text?

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