The Apps That Helped Me Lose 38kg

Friend of Lifehacker Owen Thomas lost 38kg in the last 315 days. That's no small task, but he remained motivated by using social fitness tools to remain accountable to himself and to his friends, and, well, it worked really well for him. He shared his story at the New York Times earlier this week; here he shares the four social fitness apps he credits for helping him along.

People ask me about the apps I use to track my fitness progress and share the results with friends online. Here they are!

I use the mobile app or the website 5-6 times a day to track calories consumed and burned. I've set it to post daily updates to Facebook when I exercise and when I complete my food and exercise diary. It also posts weight-loss updates to Twitter. I've lost 38kg since I started using this app religiously.


I find MyFitnessPal's workout tracker cumbersome to use. GymGoal lets me program workouts in advance, and remembers the weights, reps and sets I performed during my last workout so I can track my progress.

GAIN Fitness

I've started testing this site to mix up my workouts. No iPhone app yet, but the mobile version works well enough. I transfer exercise routines from Gain Fitness to GymGoal manually, which doesn't take very long.

Social Workout

Honestly, I'm friends with Oliver Ryan, the guy who created the site, and that's a big reason why I use it, but I'm enjoying the ability to post gym updates in a structured way, while tracking my progress towards goals like working out a certain number of times in a month.


    Yeah,.. here's a free app you don't even have to download! It's called, "Put down the fork" !! :]

    Thats nothing, i know a guy who lost 50kg just using Facebook.. and willpower.

    And he did it in less than 300 days (286 days to be exact)

    cardio trainer Pro (or even the free version) is great. I have lost 5.7kg in 9 days with it.. the calorific section is good

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